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Art InSights with Artist Shera

Hello! I'm an artist and intuitive medium. I receive visions and insights through meditative journeys and art. Through a process of intuitive painting, I connect to guidance, allowing symbols and imagery to deliver messages to my canvas. 

Channeled Art + Reading packages:

Each spirit-guided message includes a one-on-one online session + written report listing the symbolism in the image.

  • Painted Messages from Spirit 

  • Painted Messages from passed pets or loved ones

  • YOU as ART with a one-of-a-kind Chakra Vision Map

  • Channeled wellness insights & remote energy clearing​

Gift Certificates available


Painted Messages from Spirit

I bring your question to the canvas and through a process of intuitive painting — lines, shapes, and colors download and take form into a message received. 

Learn more

IMG_9695 copy.jpg

Painted Messages from Beyond

Connect with passed loved ones or beloved pets. I love painting with your loved ones to bring in messages from beyond!

Learn more

YOU as ART — Chakra Vision Maps

A Chakra Vision Map is a vision board of your energy body. Have you ever wondered what your inner superhero looks like? Find out! Learn more

Screen Shot 2022-12-24 at 10.50.34 AM.png

Chakra Wellness Insights & Energy Clearing

- Symbols + messages are received during a remote scan of the bodies energy centers 

- Stuck emotions are cleared using shamanic and emotion code techniques

- Optional: Healing Activation Art added as a visual healing affirmation tool

- One-on-one session to review all the information; symbols and messages that come through. Learn More

Intuitive Art Workshops in 2023

Online art workshop to be announced soon. I will share techniques for using art as a tool for personal insights and energy work. Join my email list (below) for updates.

  • Gift Certificates available

  • Join my mailing list + receive information on upcoming art workshops, events, and offerings.

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