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Art InSights with Artist Shera

Chakra Wellness Insights & Energy Clearing

This package includes energy clearing work and channeled messages for wellness insights.

- Symbols + messages are received during a remote scan of the bodies energy centers 

- Stuck emotions are cleared using shamanic and emotion code techniques

- One-on-one session to review all the information; symbols and messages that come through.

- Optional: Healing Activation Art added as a visual healing affirmation tool


Example of a healing activation image — a visual affirmation that uses the mind/body connection to affirm healing.

Screenshot 2023-12-27 at 2.10.11 PM.png

Wellness insight form: All messages received and energies cleared are recorded and delivered to you in a full report and one-on-one reading. 

Package options:

Energy Clearing & Wellness Insights Report — $55

Healing Activation Image + reading (digital image only) — $88 

Healing Activation Image + reading (original 4x6" watercolor painting in a protective magnetic sleeve) — $111

Combo art + energy work:

Healing Activation Image (digital image) + reading with Energy Clearing & Wellness Insights Report — $133

Healing Activation Image (receive the original watercolor painting) + reading with Energy Clearing & Wellness Insights Report — $155


Venmo  @artistshera


Contact me at: 

- for additional payment options

- with questions / inquiries, ask me anything!

- to set up a time to talk 

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