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Art InSights with Artist Shera

My Story: How Creating Art Led to Mediumship 


Where Art and Healing Overlap: 

Creating art has been an integral part of my spiritual path. It became a tool of curiosity for healing in the mid-90s, when a recurring health issue had doctors stumped and led me to Donna Eden's book, Energy Medicine — this was my introduction to exploring energy work and healing through art and visualization. I've dabbled with different types of energy work for years but it wasn't until 2011, during an experience with breast cancer, that I began to explore more intentionally the space where art and healing overlap. During the last 10 years, this exploration expanded into using art in combination with meditation to tune into my body and cells for insights, which evolved into mediumship. Prior to 2020 I'd began offering Intuitive Art Workshops -- leading others through the process of using art to find clarity and connection. The 2020 lockdown was an opportunity to dive deeper into my own energy work. I took a few Shamanic healing classes, and attended an Art Medicine webinar where I met other artists who use art as energy medicine! I found my people! Today, I regularly journey to connect to guidance, allowing symbols and imagery to deliver messages to my canvas.

Reviews + Testimonials 

The benefits of my Spirit Art Insight Session with artist and intuitive medium Shera DElia are incredible! After working with me she provided an amazing drawing that is personal to me, holds the key to a big change I’m working on,

and * it’s beautiful! * I look at it each day and it brings energy and joy to my life.  read more

I cannot thank Shera enough for the opportunity to have connected with her, and for her gift of art that has helped me shift something within. I will use this piece of art to be a reminder of what I hold within myself.  read more

I’m grateful for Shera’s channeled painting that kept me focused on the merging of my old career with my new.  Blows my mind truly! I was very resistant to it and yet, it’s coming together in this way I would never have imagined.  read more

Shera is a gifted visual artist and medium who is tuned in. She produced a brightly colored painting from her spirit session, working intuitively to capture what is needed. She asked questions and listened to produce the artwork. She fuses her client's questions with the desires of the heart. read more

Shera DElia channeled my status and because she represented it visually in my Healing Affirmation Image, it was easy to understand. Being labeled as an 'Affirmation' reassured me that her work remains positive through and through. And when she willingly shared her methods to clear issues, it proved her deep intent to help and to heal. It felt like I was in caring hands with Shera.  read more

Life is a Vision Quest!

Look with Wonder at that Which is Before You.

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