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Shera DElia — Ithaca, New York based artist

Hi. Thank you for stopping by. I work primarily with acrylics to create bold colorful mixed-media paintings with subjects ranging from trippy dreamlike imagery to social/political commentary.

My first solo exhibition was in 1997 followed by an respectable list of solo and group shows. I reside on the fringes of the art world, unapologetically painting whatever I want, following my muse.


I have an M.S. degree in Art Education from Syracuse University and 14 years experience teaching art. My one current public art piece is an electric box at the corner of Tioga & Court streets in Ithaca, New York, titled Better Together, and inspired by the global women's march in January, 2017. Take a look.

What else?

I'm a bit of a digital geek with a growing collection of glitch art and more recently exploring crypto and NFT art. And I manage social media accounts for higher education.

I'm also an intuitive medium. I experience energy healing and insights through meditation, art, and creative practice. I channel messages in the form of symbols, images, and insights during the process of intuitive painting.


— Learn more about my intuitive channeled art offerings.

— View Artwork:


You can find me @artistshera on Instagram and Facebook — where I share current and work, occasional workshops, and giveaways.

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