Shera DElia — Ithaca, New York based artist

Hi. Thank you for stopping by. I work primarily with acrylics to create bold colorful mixed-media paintings with subjects ranging from trippy dreamlike imagery to social/political commentary.

My first solo exhibition was in 1997, the first of a long list of group and solo shows. I have an M.S. degree in Art Education from Syracuse University and 14 years experience teaching art. My one public art piece is an electric box at the corner of Tioga & Court streets in Ithaca, New York.

In addition to my primary work as a painter -- I'm a bit of a digital geek with a growing collection of glitch art and more recently I've been exploring crypto and NFT art.

I'm also an intuitive medium with a regular meditative art practice.

I experience energy healing and insights through art and creative practice. In the process of intuitive painting, visions and insights appear, which I bring to the canvas for additional clarity.


I offer Spirit-Guided Painted Messages & Art InSight sessions.

You can find me @artistshera on Instagram and Facebook — where I share current and in-process work, and occasional giveaways.


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Thank you & Namaste!

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