Chakra Vision Map: A Vision Board of Your Energetic Essence

If you've ever wondered what your inner superhero looks like, this is it!

A Chakra Vision Map is a visual representation that brings forth inspiring and empowering aspects of an individual's essence. I track the energy centers (chakras and hands) for symbols and visions, and then bring the imagery to the canvas where the information expands and additional insight is revealed through the process of intuitive painting. I work with guides in sacred space to bring forth what is most helpful, validating, and significant for the highest good of the individual.

How it started — that light-bulb moment.

In 2020 — while painting a vision board during the pandemic lockdown — I was inspired to integrate my practice of scanning chakras and recording the information "in quick sketch form" to create a vision map painting of the body: Chakra Vision Maps!

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Tami Chakra Vision Map - 2021.jpg

Chakra Vision Map sample ./ copyright Shera DElia. More samples here.

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