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Chakra Vision Map: A Painting of Your One-of-a-Kind Energy Body

If you've ever wondered what your inner superhero looks like, this is it!

A Chakra Vision Map is a visual representation that brings forth inspiring and empowering aspects of an individual's energetic essence. I track the bodies energy centers (chakras and hands) for symbols and visions, and then bring the imagery to the canvas where the information expands and additional insights are revealed through the process of intuitive painting. I work with guides in sacred space to bring forth empowering, validating, and significant messages and imagery for the individual.

ART + MEDIUMSHIP PACKAGE: In addition to the original artwork, you'll receive a one-on-one session exploring the channelled symbolism and messages, and a full written report of the reading. 

That light-bulb Moment.

In 2020, while painting a vision board during the pandemic lockdown — I was inspired to integrate my practice of scanning chakras and drawing the symbols with the idea of a vision board, or map of the body. Chakra Vision Maps!

Scroll down to view examples. Female, male, and androgynous options are available. 

Receive Your Chakra Vision Map Art + Mediumship Session:

$222 | Package includes:
- An original 9x12inch watercolor painting made to order, customized to your energetic imprint. (female, male, or non-gender specific)

- A 30 minute Zoom call reading to interpret the art and symbolism.
- A full report of the symbolic summary with links for further exploration.

It typically takes 4 weeks to complete the scan, painting, and report. Limited accelerated rates are available.

To get started — email me at or message me on Instagram @artistshera for turn-around time. Preferred payment is Venmo @artistshera. Other options available. If you have any questions -- contact me and we can set up a time to chat!

Additional Chakra Vision Map samples.

(Androgynous options are available -- examples to be added soon!)    

Alexza-D-2021-small web.jpg
Charka Vis Map - Dirk G-August 2021.jpg
Tami Chakra Vision Map - 2021.jpg

Chakra Vision Map sample ./ copyright Shera DElia. More samples below.

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