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Art InSights with Artist Shera

Painted Messages from Spirit

I receive visions and insights through intuitive painting. The messages come through with symbolism to give insights and clarity around situations. 

It's more than a painting... it's a conversation.

Receive a channeled image that brings guidance regarding a question about your life or life's purpose. I bring your question to the canvas and channel an image response, followed by a reading where I translate the symbolic aspects of the image and provide assistance interpreting the message. If your question is health or healing related -- the InSight comes through as Healing Affirmation Art that brings guidance regarding an area of healing (examples: inner child healing, specific issues in the body; pain, anxiety, etc.). 

Receive your painted message...

Each Channeled Art + Mediumship package includes:

➡️ channeled art⁣

➡️ mediumship session (in-person or Zoom) ⁣

➡️ symbolic report listing the symbolism and all messages received

$88 for digital version of image  

$111 to receive the original watercolor painting

Venmo @artistshera

PayPal  @sdelia108

Contact me at: 

- with any questions

- for additional payment options

- to set up a time to talk 

Michele Perry-ArtInsight 2021.png

Examples of channeled spirit-guided messages prompted by an inquiry. Art Mediumship packages include a one-on-one session and written report to interpret the symbolic language in the image.

wendy r - ArtInSight bonus Oct 2023.jpeg
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