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Not Your Dog Ma

Funny minimalist designs for t-shirts and other merch.

It all began with "because art" — a complete sentence in my opinion. Designs shown are just a few of my minimalist designs of silly sarcastic sayings. These and more can be found in my Artist Shera Redbubble shop.

I make about $5 per sale because RedBubble provides the merch + does the printing and mailing.


This is more about having fun.  


AND I LOVE these t-shirts. I am a fabric snob! If it's not soft and even just a little itchy... I won't wear it. The solid colors are 100% cotton (my fav) but you can choose a tri-blend which others have told me is also super soft. For SIZE reference -- I'm wearing the fitted women's t-shirt in XL. My chest is approx 38".

Redbubble has an assortment of COLORS, and STYLES to choose from.

If you're not a t-shirt person, these can be printed on mugs, hats, bags, pillows, and more! SHOP HERE 

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