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Add art-making to your spiritual practice.

Not your typical "art" class!

All skill levels are appropriate. We download images and symbols for the sake of communication and inspiration! I’ll lead you in a method of intuitive painting that quiets analytical thoughts which allows easier access to guidance and inner-knowing for self-healing.

Recommended art supplies: Anything with a range of colors to choose from such as colored pencils, markers, crayons, chalk, or paints.


June: Inner Child Healing, Wednesday, June 19, 6pm ET

The intention of this class is to bring in symbols + imagery that reveal activations for inner child healing. REGISTER HERE 

July: TBD

August: TBD

September: TBD

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  • Classes will be 90 minutes.

  • Summer classes are free or tip-based for those who are able. I will provide my digital tip jar during class. 

  • These classes are stand-alone offerings and will not be recorded.

inner-child-healing-lightning bug.jpg

Channeled image for inner child healing that brought back memories of childhood summers in the early 70's catching lightning bugs with my brother and cousins. 

Process: Part 1 of channeling image for inner child healing. See Part 2.

More information about channeled art:

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