Where Art and Healing Overlap

A little background — I'm a long-time spirit junky and have found that it's impossible to separate my art from my spiritual path, and that they are both integral parts of my healing path.

I've learned what many artists and energy workers know — that energy healing techniques work well with creative practices. And while I access healing through art, music, and dance --- visual art is my portal of choice for daily practice and deepening connection to spirit.

In 2011, breast cancer led me to explore more intentionally the space where art and healing overlap. I began using art as a tool for tuning into my body and cells for insights on cancer treatment. This led to regularly scanning my body and chakra centers (energy centers along the spine) for health and lifestyle insights.


I began bringing visions received in meditation to the canvas, to "continue the conversation".  This led to teaching art workshops in 2017 and 2018 where I led others through a process of activating and scanning their chakras, bringing their insights to the canvas, and using intuitive painting to explore and allow their ideas to expand and clarify into messages received.

Today, I regularly journey using intuitive art for personal guidance and as a medium for others. 

Learn more about my intuitive art offerings:

Art Insight Spirit-Guided Messages

Painted Messages from Beyond (more info soon)

Chakra Vision Maps

Intuitive art listings at my Etsy shop


I'm an artist and intuitive medium. I receive visions and insights through meditative journeys and intuitive painting. I combine gentle remote energy work with intuitive painting to channel spirit-guided image messages. I'll bring your question to the canvas and "download" a message for you. The messages come through as images and symbols that give insights and clarity around situations.

I also connect with lost loved-ones and pets -- something I discovered after my grandmother died in 2003 -- and again when I lost my beloved dog and companion in 2013.

Life is a Vision Quest

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