Spirit-Guided Painted Message & Art InSight Session

If spirit could communicate something to you right now — what would it be?

I'm an artist and intuitive medium. I receive visions and insights through intuitive painting.

I combine gentle remote energy work with intuitive painting to channel spirit-guided image messages. I'll bring your question to the canvas and "download" a message for you.The messages come through as images and symbols that give insights and clarity around situations.

It's more than a painted image...

What you receive in this Art InSight package:

Prior to painting: We will connect to discuss your question or request for the image and review the types of questions that work best.  

Once your painted message is complete: We will meet in a follow-up Zoom call to review the symbolic language of the art that appeared. I'll offer assistance "reading" and interpreting the symbols, shapes, and colors. I'll share the sequence that images appear (and why it's significant) along with any additional information that shows up -- like a song, phrase, feeling, animal, or other significant occurrence -- some of these "hits" will not end up in the painting but I'll share everything that comes through for you.

After the session: You will receive a *high quality digital file (PDF) of the image and a summary of all information that came through for you along with the symbolic meanings of the elements in the image, and links to additional resources.


The original painting can be purchased for additional fees to cover protective sealant, packaging, and postage cost. This is an optional add-on in order to lower the package cost for those who would not opt to purchase the original painting.


Where Art and Healing Overlap

A little background — I'm a long-time spirit junky and have discovered that energy healing techniques work well along with creative practices. Art is my portal of choice for deepening my connection to spirit. In 2011, breast cancer led me to explore more intentionally the space where art and healing overlap. I began using art as a tool for bringing visions and information received during meditations to the canvas, to continue the conversation. In 2017–18, I taught a series of energy art workshops where I led others through a process of activating and scanning their chakras (energy centers along the spine), then bringing their insights to the canvas and using intuitive painting to explore and allow their ideas to expand and clarify into messages received.

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