Where Art and Healing Overlap

A little background — I'm an artist and long-time spirit junky. Creating art is an integral part of my spiritual path and healing. In the late 1990s, a recurring health issue that had doctors stumped led me to Donna Eden's Book, Energy Medicine. I dipped into exploring energy work through art but only scratched the surface. Then in 2011, breast cancer circled me back. I began to explore more intentionally the space where art and healing overlap, using art in combination with meditation to tune into my body and cells for insights. Today, I regularly journey using intuitive art for personal guidance. As an intuitive medium I offer the following:


Intuitive Art Offerings

Painted Messages from Beyond — A painting channeled from a loved-one or pet who has passed on. Learn more.
Art InSight Spirit-Guided Messages  — A painted message channeled from spirit prompted by a question or request. Learn more.
Chakra InSight Reading — Remote energy work that includes channeled symbols, message downloads, and chakra clearing. Learn more.
Chakra InSight Reading and Healing Activation Art — Remote energy work that includes channeled symbol, message downloads, chakra clearing, and a channeled healing activation painting. Learn more.
Chakra Vision Map — A vision board of your energetic essence. If you've ever wondered what your inner superhero looks like, this is it! Learn more.



Online art workshop to be announced in 2022. I share techniques for using art as a tool for personal insights and energy work. Join my email list (below) to be the first to know.


I'm an artist and intuitive medium. I receive visions and insights through meditative journeys and intuitive painting. I combine remote energy work with intuitive painting to channel spirit-guided images.

Life is a Vision Quest

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