Painted Messages from Beyond

Connecting with passed loved ones and pets

Receive a painted message from a loved one.

Our loved ones, even pets, who have passed on from this life, are still with us, though not in the way that we might choose. I think of it like a veil — they are just on the other side of the veil. We all have the ability to connect with them and when we are observant we will see, hear, feel, sense when they are connecting with us.

I've always felt the connection after loved ones and pets have died. My first memory is from after losing a family dog and seeing them in an incredibly vivid dream. It wasn't until losing my grandparents, who I grew up with, that the veil really lifted. They both came through in real ways that I cannot dismiss. And I thank them for that gift.

Sweet messages... 

When I connect with the energy of someone who has passed with a request to channel an image message for a specific person — these are typically sweet images. Sometimes they come through to validate something going on in your life, or to remind you to eat your veggies. Humor comes through too! 

Receive your painted message from a loved one or pet:

In addition to the painting — you receive a one-on-one symbolic reading (approx. 30 minutes) to review the symbolism and provide assistance interpreting the symbols, shapes, and colors, along with any additional information that shows up — like a song, phrase, feeling, etc. —  not represented in the image but part of the message for you. 

Additional intuitive art offerings:

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messagesFromBeyond-samples copy.jpg

Above: Samples of sweet messages from loved ones who have passed.

Below: Samples from beloved pets showing their infinite connection. 

PET messagesFromBeyond-samples copy 2.jpg