Spirit-Guided Painted Message & Art InSight Session

If spirit could communicate something to you right now — what would it be?

I'm an artist and intuitive medium. I receive visions and insights through intuitive painting.

I combine gentle remote energy work with intuitive painting to channel spirit-guided image messages. I'll bring your question to the canvas and "download" a message for you.The messages come through as images and symbols that give insights and clarity around situations.

It's more than a painted image...

What you receive in this Art InSight package:

1. High quality PDF file of your image message.
2. Art InSight session (via Zoom) to review the symbolic language in your image.
I'll offer assistance "reading" and interpreting the symbols, shapes, and colors, along with any additional information that shows up -- like a song, phrase, feeling, animal, or other significant occurrence.
3. Summary of the symbolism that came through for you with information and additional resources to help you interpret the image.
4. [If purchased] The original 4x6" watercolor painting


Additional intuitive art offerings:

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Thank you & Namaste!

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