Art InSight Spirit Message & Reading

Receive a message from Spirit in the form of a painted image.

I receive visions and insights through intuitive painting. The messages come through with symbolism to give insights and clarity around situations. 

Your question is brought to the canvas — the symbols, shapes, and colors download — and then we review the symbolism to interpret the message. 

It's more than a painting... it's a conversation with Spirit. 

You will receive:

• A one-on-one symbolic reading (approx. 45 minutes) to review the symbolism in the image. I provide assistance "reading" and interpreting the symbols, shapes, and colors, along with any additional information that shows up — like a song, phrase, feeling, etc. —  not represented in the image but is part of the message for you. 
• A digital copy of your image (print quality) and a summary of the symbolism with additional resources to help you interpret the image.
• (Optional) For an additional cost to cover postage and packaging — I will mail you the original 4x6" watercolor painting. 

ArtInSight samples  2 - web+etsy copy.png

Examples of channeled spirit-guided messages prompted by an inquiry. A reading is provided to assist with interpreting the symbolic language in the image. 

Additional intuitive art offerings:

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